Get Ready for Winter

Get Ready for Winter!

Winter is almost upon us!  Have you taken the proper steps to winterizing your coop?  We’ve compiled a list of the top tips for the winter season.


  1. Check your coop for any holes that might allow rodents and cold air to enter your coop.
  2. Make sure your feed is secure.  We recommend using a metal garbage can, as rats and mice can gnaw their way through a plastic garbage can. 
  3. Add extra pine shavings for insulation.
  4. Grow sprouts for your chickens. Sprouts are a healthy choice of greens that your chickens will not have access to in the winter.
  5. You can add an incandescent light bulb to your coop for extra light and warmth for your flock.  However, you must make sure that the light doesn’t burn out, as your chickens will be acclimated to the heat that the light bulb provides.
  6. To keep your chickens from boredom, try feeding them some veggies with our Happy Hen Treats Treat Ball!
  7. Make sure that your flock’s water supply is always available to them.  Cold winter temperatures will freeze the water, and your chickens will need a constant supply of water.  You can either change the water a few times per day, or you can use a heated fount or a heated waterer base to prevent your water from freezing in cold temperatures.

We hope our winter tips help your flock this winter!  We would love to see some pictures of your flock this winter!  You can post them on our Facebook Page, or you can use the "Contact Us"Thanks for visiting today!